Boy Child



A building that will stand the test of time needs a strong foundation, At New Beginnings Foundation Uganda(NBFU), We believe that in order to change the state of the disorder in our homes today, to reduce the instability, violence, abuse, absentee parenting and general unhappiness in the home, a lot of emphasis has to be place on the men we are grooming in our society.

The Boy Child Campaign is a New Beginnings Foundation(NBFU) initiative that was set up in 2013 to promote, lift, encourage and mentor the Boy Child. To raise a boy child to become the man God created him to be, a man of valor. A boy that understands and appreciates what the qualities of true manhood are.

Our goal is to train boys between the ages of 5-23 years with life skills and proper moral upbringing, so as to create a society of hardworking, loving, respectable and morally upright gentle men in tomorrow’s society.

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