Brenda Musubika Kabagambe Psychologist with Roving Psychologists

brenda pic (2)

Right from my primary school I was a student counselor, I was always drawn to helping friends and it felt like people easily shared with me their problems. This interest has been enhanced through my study of psychology at the University of Pretoria and my current endeavor of a masters in child psychology.

Having spent the last four years working with Roving Psychologists, I have come to realize that my passion lies in helping children especially those that are less advantaged. We have been given the opportunity to assist teachers and carers with large groups of children of different ages and abilities. This has included working with autistic children with art classes, aiding pupils with severe epilepsy to do basic numeracy and literacy, offering therapy sessions for children dealing with eating disorders, addictions, assault, etc. This has been a rewarding journey because nothing is better than watching the strength that these little angels have growing and them owning it.

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