She’s a Queen



She’s a Queen is a New Beginnings project that focus on the girl child. Under this project, we partner with many other organisations that have the same goal.
One of the programmes under She’s a Queen is TLC Angels a mentoring programme

TLC Angels is an independently managed mentoring program for girls, an initiative of the She’s a Queen project of NBFU.

TLC Angels offers a mentoring program which provides social skills in children. Your child will learn skills that will empower them scholastically, socially and even into their professional life. Too many families become frustrated when instilling good manners and behavior in their children. We are experienced and professional consultants and will use our expertise to help create memorable and stress free parenting for our customers. Through a fun, interactive, motivating manner’s curriculum. We use games, stories, songs, treats, crafts, workshops, summer camps and kind discussion to help mom and dad teach manners. We are giving children wings to go out in the world and fly.

What does the student GAIN from this curriculum?

  • Self confidence
  • A keen awareness of how their words & actions impact others
  • The skills they need to help them succeed personally in their lives
  • The skills they need to help them succeed professionally in their lives
  • Character, Integrity & Empathy
  • A well rounded approach to manners
  • The formula for happiness
  • A Certificate of Completion

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