Support Our Dream, Our Center Of Hope

Our dream at New Beginnings Foundation Uganda(NBFU) is to have a one stop center catering to all emotional and mental wellness matters affecting orphans and other vulnerable children in Uganda.

This Center will handle all sectors of counseling, concentrating on different  areas of psychology as far as a child or youth below the age of 23 years is concerned:

Grief and bereavement counseling
The rate at which orphans are growing is so alarming, meaning there is a loss of a father or a mother which is very traumatizing . for this reason there are very many Non Profit organizations and charity based community organizations supporting these children with basic needs and education. but very few supporting them psychologically, this is were we also as New beginnings foundation Uganda come in to help with their mental well being.

We also offer:

  • Confidence building
  • Skills development for all boys and girls

At the counseling center we aim to re-build the confidence of all our children, develop their skills, nurture them and offer them a new outlook to life, giving them a fresh start. We aim to achieve this by providing  age appropriate activities at our center of hope, within our children’s recreation center, public library and rehabilitation home.

  • Divorce and separation.

It is believed that divorce and separation is the major cause of street children in Uganda and else where. For this reason we choose to sensitize and create more awareness divorce and separation in cases where children are involved.

Through our boy child project in partnership with Amari Uganda, we offer free counselling and psychotherapy to ex- street children who have been through a lot on the streets and before joining the street.

To help us realize this dream we are are seeking volunteers and funds … get in touch… +256 783 123 858